Oh my. I really tried to limit the photo uploading you guys. I was thinking, “I’ll just post three photos for each place we went to”, which would be 18 photos already, and so far we’re at FORTY.

{Some time later}

Well I’ve done my best. This is the least amount of photos I can share while including both the weird and wonderful {and there are so many I’ve left out!}. You were all so sweet about welcoming me back and being interested in photos, I have rather taken you at your word. And it’s nice to have a record of the feel of the trip. I’m making it a two parter though, as we all have lives to lead.

So we started in Ubud in Bali, then went to the small island of Lembongan off the south coast, followed by some time in the Gili Islands off the east coast of Lombok and a few days on the south coast of Lombok in and around Kuta, and a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur before finishing up on the island of Pulau Perhentian Kecil off the east coast of Malaysia.

Off we go… first, Bali.

Ubud, Bali ~ temples abound; the main religion is Hinduism and you cannot walk the streets without literally tripping over the offerings of flowers, incense and even cigarettes placed everywhere every single day

Sunsets; an almost daily treat {rainy season schmainy season}

Lunch. Served on a banana leaf, naturally.

Feeding the monkeys in the Monkey Forest, Ubud. This one pulled politely on my shorts when he saw the banana in my hand. How could I refuse?

Women working in the rice fields

Rice fields at Ceking, Tegallalang

Next, a few days on the the island of Lembongan. Population, 500. We stayed in a thatched hut, with astonishing outdoor bathroom, surrounded by tropical gardens.

Sunset over Mushroom Beach

Best studio ever?!

No need for glasses. Just whack the top off the coconut with your handy machete and stick a couple of straws in. A child could do it {and usually does}.

Seaweed farming is the big export here; picturesque as it dries in the sun but pretty stinky.

A post snorkelling trip float through the mangroves; I will most remember the complete silent stillness. And D attempting to punt us out of there to give Su, our guide, ‘a rest’. Let’s just say Su made it look easy.

Tropical paradise at sunset

Leaving Lembongan; market day at the harbour, and there’s our transport in pink and blue, ready to take us, a few other passengers and many baskets of fish to Lombok.

That’s more than enough for today! Part two tomorrow. x