D and I were feeling a bit lacklustre today, and after some discussion in the cubbyhole we decided that as creative peeps, when we aren’t being creative in a regular sort of way the sheen can go off everything in life, a bit. And since we got back from our Exotic Travels neither of us has done much in that direction, so not much sheeniness.

So, inspired by Leah’s Art Every Day Month which I took part in recently, we are committing between the two of us to do something creative every day for the next thirty days, starting tomorrow. But that does necessitate a space to work in that is clear and safe to navigate. Since neither of us has this currently, this evening we made a pact to clear our respective studios in readiness for tomorrow, aka Day 1. Including before and after photos.

We’ve been each other’s accountability buddies since we met, and it is definitely time to reinstate that, as it fell away a bit but was very effective, so I have blitzed my stude and at least now I can see surfaces and where things are. There’s plenty of stuff in here that I doubt I’ll ever use, and at some stage I’ll do a second blitz to get rid of that, but for now I feel ready to rock tomorrow.

{before tidying 1}

{after tidy 1}

{before tidy 2}

{after tidy 2}

{before tidy 3}

{after tidy 3}

{before tidy 4}

{after tidy 4}

It’s just occurred to me that I could have made a nice collage of these photos instead of clumsily lining them up on after the other. Oh well.