I’ve just completed my latest commission, for what you might call my biggest collector. 🙂

This friend came to me with a piece of writing that a close friend had given her and asked me to turn it into a small painting using ‘peacock colours’.

I was a tiny bit anxious about creating such a small piece of work ~ you know me, I like ’em LARGE, but in a joyous piece of ‘everything happens for a reason’ it turns out it was exactly what I needed to do to find out I can in fact paint very small detail, about which I was v doubtful.

Yay me. I have just the brush for the job and it was muy satisfying.

The peacock feather was actually a happy accident of sorts. I had measured out all the text really carefully in terms of placement and size, but somehow once I stuck it down it took up much less space than I’d thought!  I’m really pleased about that now as the feather is a nice addition I think.

I used my fave ‘printing onto tissue paper’ technique to do the writing; originally I was going to do some freehand writing but it seemed better this way in the end.

Between you and me, the balance still feels a bit off, and this photo is NOT good, but still. It was created with much love and carefulness.

I need to go and paint something large and messy now. Laters. xx