Oh my god you guys. A painting BEAST has been unleashed.

I haven’t been in that kind of a crazed painting state for quite some time. As I type, Small Fearful {who looks like Dobby from Harry Potter actually} is whispering in my ear “Don’t tell them! It’ll go away and you’ll be all creatively sticky and clenched again.”

I laugh in the face of Small. mwAH ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa. {I may regret this later.}

I pulled out a painting that’s been in a state of semi-finishedness for freaking ages yesterday, with that kind of reckless, devil may care, ‘well it’s been going nowhere for ages so I can’t really mess it up by playing around with it’ vibe that sometimes overcomes me. {Any ideas on how to make that one stick around?!}

Then I pulled some of Flora Bowley’s techniques out of my metaphorical painting tool kit and set to work painting without thinking, alternating between lines and dots and random flourishes.

I started to really like what I was doing {Happy Bonus #1}. Then I spent some time turning it round and round, looking for what to pull out and what was ready to be covered.

I knew I wanted a figure in there; I did toy briefly with some kind of foliage inspired shapery but to be perfectly honest, I’ve seen rather a lot of that about lately, and besides, figures are my thing {and of course I’ve seen none of those}. I rooted about in my art college portfolio, since that’s how long it’s been since I did any life drawing {11 years in fact}, to see if I could find anything inspiring. And lo, {Happy Bonus #2}, I found the following:

{this is me in thinner days, when my work across all disciplines was figurative and I also had use of a darkroom. I made my boyfriend at the time take some photos for me to work from. I think he was ok with it. ;)}

{i drew this! i kind of freaked out with joy when i found it cause it restored my faith in my ability to draw with an element of realism. Happy Bonus #3}

{this is NOT me, but i found it with the other one and loved the composition so i kept it out for possible future use}

Anyway, back to my story. The painting in question was this one:

Which may or may not have previously been the one below. { I actually can’t remember but I can’t find it so this must be it!} You may remember it from a while back. {I thought I’d posted about it but can’t find it just now.} At any rate, it started life looking VERY different…

So here’s what happened yesterday:

At this point I knew it was time for some shapes. Which was the point where I unearthed the photo and charcoal drawings. And I thought, you know what, I’m just going to go in there with the black paint and see what comes out. Nothing too contrived or planned out or copied. I was quite scared at that point actually; I knew I could easily bugger it all up. But I thought about this Art Every Day thing and got over myself.

And there was a lady with a beautiful dress! {Happy Bonus #4}

Look at her swirling and twirling. So yeah, this is where we’re at now.


But confident of further inspiration. {Bugger off Small.}