I’ve been lent a new box set. It’s called ‘Bones’, about a forensic anthropologist and FBI agent who solve cases involving decomposing bodies. Just your average evening viewing. While I was enjoying the witty banter, excessive use of long technical vocabulary and eye candy in the form of David Boreanaz, I was also doodling on my latest inkblots. I’m being forced to work from the sofa because that’s where the blankets are.

I’d been making my inkblots with water and acrylic paint, and then I suddenly remembered I have a whole range of actual ink in different colours, which I could have used for my inkblot paintings in the first place.

Armed with pencil, black ink and my trusty white pen, I came up with this.

This one’s actually a mix of acrylics and inks. As you can see I haven’t strayed far from the whole ‘woman, trees, moon, stars’ theme.

I’m planning to get back in the studio and work on canvas as soon as I’ve worked out how to strap my hot water bottle to my body so I can keep my body temperature high enough to manipulate a paintbrush.