I confess I have taken Leah’s inkblot painting idea and not run very far with it. In that I made some inkblots, and then let myself be entirely inspired by her own style of women in big dresses.

Plus I really like to use my white pen lately, and then use the black as contrast.

Still loving dots also.

I could do so much more here, but am not feeling too inspired the last couple of days. I just did these while watching Robin Hood (the UK series) on dvd. Not my instinctive first choice but it was lent to me by a friend and it’s good light hearted viewing.

I just noticed both these girls are looking wistfully towards the sky. I feel a bit like that myself lately; there’s a definite feeling of a cycle drawing to a close for me, on all sorts of levels, and a wondering about what comes next.

I’ve also been painting over an old piece on canvas, but so far that’s ground to a halt too. It’ll all come good. Most of my time at the moment is spent doing Reiki sessions and sends (distant healing); this time of year can take its toll on all of us.