Ok, this is so weird I have to write it down.

It’s a beautiful day here; cold and breezy with blue skies and bright sunshine. I went to spend some time with My Precious, which you probably know as ‘the sea’, to get my negative ion quotient for the day and not spend the entire day indoors. {Goodness knows there’ll be plenty of time for that come winter.}

So there I am, standing at the edge of the surf, smiling away like a loon and feeling all this transcendental love rolling in at me, and three people come down to the shore line and stand RIGHT next to me. I don’t even mean a few metres away. There is NO ONE for miles on either side of me, the beach is all but empty, and yet these people decide that right inside my personal space is the place to be.

This has happened before, but never in quite such an intrusive way. They then walked in front of me, INCHES from me, and I truly wondered for a moment if I’d somehow become invisible. It was extraordinary. I was trying very hard not to be irritated by what really felt quite invasive, although I know they didn’t mean it or even realise I was having a personal space freak out. {That’s if they even saw me at all!}

So I walked along a bit and they stayed, occupying the space I’d been in as if I’d never been in it. I rebalanced quite quickly, but texted my teacher to see what it was all about. Apparently my light is shining so brightly now that I’m like a flame to moths. On an energetic level they sense the light frequency and propel themselves towards it unconsciously. I need to practise dimming my light and pushing out my aura. {Ironic, when you think that we are all working to uncover our light in one way or another.} The natural instinct is to pull it in closer to you but that just brings the moths closer! I suppose in a way it’s a compliment, but mostly I find it triggers extreme irritation in me. {Am working on that.}

By this point you are likely to be nodding in recognition or knowing for sure that I’ve gone over the edge and need to be carted off forthwith. Little occurrences like these happen to me more and more frequently these days. I must say though that that tiny moment when I wondered whether I was actually invisible, with the feeling that those people could perhaps even walk through me, was both frightening and kind of exciting. I have read that it is possible to make yourself invisible using quantum theory {or something ~ I’m big on the ideas, not so much on the science vocab}. Useful no doubt, if you can control it. 🙂