brighton beach 2011

I’ve been thinking about how much we ‘save things for best’ in our lives, when we could actually be enjoying them right now.

My parents have cutlery and crockery that only comes out on ‘special occasions’ {ie. almost never}. I have just done a wardrobe cull {making space for the new!} and discovered that the clothes I hardly ever wear because they are only for smart or for parties could be things I integrate into my everyday wardrobe and add an extra je ne sais quois to it! They are wasted hanging in the dark, just like my parents’ dining sets.

You can’t take it with you, right?

I actually wrote a poem about this recently when I had a sudden moment of clarity that ‘one day’ might very easily never come.  {Obvious, of course, but sometimes the realisations are sharper than usual.}

And I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I wait for things, like love for example, when I could easily and instantly be giving it to myself in any number of ways {and, according to the Law of Attraction, draw it to me that much more quickly too}.

In a synchronicity that no longer surprises me, I read an article yesterday via The Daily Love by Christine Hassler, called Wear Your Good Underwear. Christine makes the same point {and more eloquently than I do}; what are we waiting for?!

I really don’t know! But I for one will be wearing my black lace dress {I’m thinking with jeans and pumps for starters}, using my new special turquoise pen {for shopping lists if I feel like it} and painting with my expensive paints a lot more often, starting today. High five to that.


it’s today

There’s something I’d like to do.

A secret dream {or two},

living in my pocket.

It shines

from all the times

I took it out

to cherish it,

look forward to it,

relish it,

careful not to drop it.

My beautiful dream.

So big and so small.

One day I’ll do it, be it, have it, see it.

One day.

But wait, she said.

When is one day?

That fictional, distant, horizon-shaped day

when the stars will align

in just the right way?

That day never comes

my darling. Don’t wait.

‘One day’ is always

one step away,

it’s just a delay.

One day