After what felt like many weeks but was in fact maybe two at most, I suddenly and unexpectedly started a painting on canvas the other day.White Space - painting in progress

I had an image in my head of what it would look like; the kind that dances around in your brain and won’t leave you alone even when you’re trying to read something you really want to read.

White Space - painting in progress

In the end I had to put down the book and just go and paint the damn thing to get some peace! (I suppose this is good practice for having offspring…)

White Space - painting in progress

Of course it looks nothing like what was in my head, which was red by the way. Although some of the shapes are similar.

And I don’t know why all these images have curved corners (I have to resize them so I did it experimentally in a batch and this just happened), but I like it!

White Space - painting in progressSo my ingredients are oil pastels (my new best friends), acrylics and some wall paint. Oh and gesso.

White Space - painting in progressThe painting is entirely intuitive and intentionally abstract, although if you feel like reading leaves ~ or anything else ~ into it that’s fine!

I’m very interested in the idea of layers beneath the white which give it depth but don’t show as part of the painting. Like ghosts of an old painting perhaps, there but not there.

White Space - painting in progress

My good friend gesso helps me do this. There is a lot of white space in this painting; I think I just needed some quiet, although straight after I did the loudest, most vibrant painting ever so who knows what my subconscious is up to.

At this point I got a bit carried away with the orange; I do so love orange right now, but then after I did it I changed my mind about the quantity

White Space - painting in progress

…some gesso and a piece of masking tape later, and it is finished for now.

White Space - Tara Leaver