Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio is doing a gorgeous new free class called Total Alignment. I love this title because it pretty much sums up what I’m aiming for in every moment, with all the work I do with the Tai Chi, the Reiki and working with my teacher, and you know, living.

{In fact, if everyone was aiming for this the world would be a very different place, but that’s a whole nother story.}

Here’s what Connie says about the class:

In Total Alignment we will address five common blockages that keep Artists feeling stuck, uninspired, and out of alignment with creative source:

1.  Heaviness Around The Heart Center

2.  A Struggle With Inner Balance

3.  Loss Of Energy

4.  Suppression of Full Self Expression

5.  Lack of Stillness and Feeling Grounded

All of these blockages can and do work together in many different ways.  Ways that create fear and lack of trust and confidence in oneself as an Artist.  My deepest intention behind Total Alignment is to help you connect with your innate wisdom through FEARLESS™ Painting to prove to you that yes–your Artist soul does know what to do–and your job is to simply trust and obey!

The class spans five days of this week {although it remains open forever so plenty of time to play} and I just did days one and two; Opening The Heart Centre and Balance.
Opening the heart centre
Connie’s method combines simple yoga based movements with her lovely life philosophy and also her own Fearless Painting technique.
I don’t really love them, {understatement}, but it’s all good because Fearless painting is all about the p r o c e s s  baby. 🙂
I was in a bit of a funny mood when I painted them so they don’t feel connected to me or my heart centre, and I’m not feeling massively balanced, but anything that gets me painting and the creative flow going is good for future potential masterpieces.
Plus they are at least cheerful.