The Sanctuary

Since doing my Reiki master training a few months ago I had a little tiny dream in the back of my mind that ‘one day’ I ‘might’ convert my spare room, which was rapidly becoming a dumping ground for crap I didn’t know what to do with, into a Reiki healing room.

I was keeping the whole concept abstract and at arm’s length because if I brought it any closer I’d start freaking out. I’m not renowned for sticking at things, and more times than I care to admit I’ve excitedly announced I’m going to do something, only for it not to work out for whatever reason.

Not to mention I’ve  wanted to do something that felt meaningful and worthwhile for as long as I can remember, which for me meant finding a way to help others in whatever form that might take. So this is a big deal to me, and I thought just this once I’d hold it close til I knew it had really and truly started.

{before; a massively underused spare bedroom}

spare bedroom before

Then one day a few weeks ago I was talking with my teacher on the phone about something entirely unrelated, and somehow by the end of that phone call I had committed to clearing out the Room of Crap, finding two rounded chairs, a round table, a large plant (for abundance), appropriate artwork and a massage couch, along with various other accoutrements, and preparing the room for doing Reiki sessions.

My teacher Feng Shui-ed it for me, and I must say, sometimes I just go in there and sit down for a few minutes and it’s incredibly peaceful and calming.


{before; junkorama}

spare room before

The plan evolved that I would start by doing some free practice sessions on friends and family first, so I could get comfortable with the process before unleashing myself on actual paying clients.

If you’ve ever fulfilled a lifelong dream of any kind I imagine you can relate to the unbelievable amount of old stuff that came up the night before my first friend came for her session. There was crying, a ton of fear-based wailing about not being good enough, being a failure or a disappointment, letting people/myself down, and generally a bunch of ‘can’t’ and ‘what if’s.

{after; a haven of peace and healing :)}

spare room after - the sanctuary

Even while all that was going on I knew I’d be ok. I knew I’d get to the other side of the hour and be happy as a clam about the whole thing. I knew that all the icky stuff was just old programmes and frankly lies I’d believed about myself for way too long. Why on earth shouldn’t I be able to do this, and do it well? Not to mention people face their fears every day in far more important and dramatic ways, the world would continue to revolve and besides, I wanted this!

I was right, of course. 🙂 It went brilliantly. So well in fact that my friend has booked herself in for another session next week! My first repeat customer! She may not be paying me in money but the value of being able to practice and gain confidence and a degree of professionalism is worth far more than that to me.

So a few more sessions like this and my teacher will start sending me clients of hers who need urgent Reiki – she is booked up at least a month in advance so the way she tells it, I’m helping her too. I know she’d never send me people or help me put all these wheels in motion if she didn’t know for sure I could do it, so I hold onto that and the confidence I gained from my first session with my friend.

I’m feeling pretty good about the whole thing {still so cautious and unable to fully embrace the joy and sense of achievement! We’ll get there…}. Let’s just see what happens the night before the first ‘real’ client shall we!