Remember this bad boy? It was my first half hour painting from Wyanne’s Paint Free Class.

{the first layer}

It seemed to have potential, and this stage got some good feedback even though for me it was far from finished:

{the selection layer}

The primordial soup stage {isn’t that a great expression?}: at this point I was contemplating the meaning of life, and energy, and connection, and other such Important Matters. I was also playing a lot with orange.

{the primordial soup layer}

There was some dripping. Of course.

{the experimental playing layer}

Then after an extremely frustrating conversation with someone I’m very fond of but who is not renowned for open mindedness, I painted out some things I would have liked to have said to them.

{the venting frustration layer}

Meanwhile, the whole ‘three sections’ thing really wasn’t working for me, even though I was seeing chakras and a figure and stuff like that.

{the wtf layer}

It was quite cool that that white circle really glowed against the rest of the painting, but it was altogether too dark for me. So I did this:

{the sigh of relief layer}

And there it sits, temporarily stalled again, until my creative spirit decides to let me know what it needs next. I’m in no hurry; it’s not like I don’t have a bajillion other half finished canvases to work on. 🙂

And also, there is a definite feel of ‘story-ness’ to this painting; each layer is about something different, some different developmental phase, seemingly unconnected to the one before but as a whole they will come together and be the final painting. I really love that. It’s kind of like life, if you want to get all deep about it. 😉