Karen Griffiths is inspiring me to get back into figurative painting.
Karen is a British painter living in France, and her paintings are clearly very much influenced by her travels.
As her website tells us:

Travelling since university, most recently Malaysia, India, Morocco, and China has proven to be her inspiration. Sketchbooks, photographs, writings and collected ephemera feed the paintings to create the atmosphere of encounters and passing moments in other worlds.
I love the soft colours, the feeling of glimpses into someone’s thoughts, the sort of wistfulness of the paintings.
Also the mixed media elements – some of the paintings look as if they’ve been painted on wallpaper – the drawings and text, the rough edges and suggestions of something you can’t quite see….The children are adorable – thoughtful and impish and endearing. I think she must work in oils; I’m not sure this look could be achieved so effectively in acrylics. But I might give it a go!