My teacher is always reminding me to ‘master the ordinary’, which I tend to avoid because it’s often so boring. 🙂 I really have to be in a certain mood to do it. I know, I know.

Mastering the ordinary is about having everything in place so that things run smoothly and there is space for the Good Stuff/Extraordinary to happen. It applies to everything, from your morning routine to where you keep things to how you set up your laundry system or your food buying system for example. We create our lives moment by moment; if you can love what you’re doing right now (and it is possible to find a way to love washing up!), and ‘now’ and ‘now’… every moment following becomes another moment you love. And that all adds up to a happy life! (I think this is how it works. I still have L plates on.)

I have got most things in place now I think (I’ve been mastering the ordinary for months now); sometimes things come up and I realise I haven’t yet worked out how they make most sense for me.

Anyway, here are some details that give me pleasure in my home, and are a (more fun) part of mastering my ordinary.

lamp base found in the attic (!), crates from a wood shop in Brighton, book from Amazon

Scented sticks from The White Company, bowls front to back: bought at an open house, made by me, bought in Spain

Top painting from a shop on Etsy, second one from the Isles of Scilly, boat from a friend

Shells in printers tray by me, antique shawl from London, pinecones expertly created by Mother Nature 🙂

of course, my brushes (some of them anyway!)

my beautiful Indian cupboard, found in Iris in Brighton,
and the starting point for my living room scheme

plates made by me, vintage cups by Susie Cooper, shell another miracle by Mother Nature

cushions back to front: two from Ikea and one by Lara Sparks, fake fur blanket by Habitat,
crochet throw…er… blue lambswool blanket (just seen) by Brora

Cushions back to front: Ikea, Roddy and Ginger, Karen Lewis of Blueberry Park,
yellow sheet used as throw – vintage from Ebay

Buddha from Evolution in Brighton (I really love him)

Buddha from a shop in East London, lamp base possibly John Lewis,
lampshade from a charity shop, tin from The Bucket Tree

Card from a friend, vase from a craft fair, candle from the Lavender Room in Brighton,
large butterfly stone by Karin Eriksson, small butterfly stone, a shop in St Ives

heart shaped stones courtesy of the beach, driftwood shelf made to order by Second Seed in Hove

‘Wish’ blocks from an eco fair, scented sticks by Neom Organics,
ammonite from Morocco, stones from the beach

Goodness, that’s more than enough! I like to make these little arrangements and change them around from time to time. Play is very important! 😉

Thank you all for the redecoration love ~ I’d love to see a tour of your home if you feel like sharing! 🙂