At the suggestion of Lianne, and in the interests of determining from both sides of the coin what makes my art feel like mine, I have decided it might be interesting to look at the paintings I’ve done that don’t give me the good feelings when I look at them.

{too busy and not enough quiet space for me; but i love the colours and shapes}

It was harder than I thought actually; not because there aren’t any paintings like that, but because it felt like I was saying I didn’t like them, or that they had less value than my ‘favourites’.

{not enough detail! but i love the colour, collage underneath and the image,
and the fact that those two butterflies were a total fluke}

So I just want to be clear that I still love these paintings; they just don’t, for whatever reason, have that familiar clicking in feeling to them.

{not enough colour for me! although i love the details and the balance}

{too pastel for me and no discernible focal point, but i LOVE the details}

What’s quite interesting to me here is that it’s helping me look with a more dispassionate eye at what works and what doesn’t. I can see where some paintings need more work, some need less, and some are just part of a style that I feel I’ve passed through now. Thanks to Lianne for suggesting this exercise; it’s definitely a way to look at your work that gives some clarity, sometimes in surprising ways. 🙂