I recently mentioned that I had noticed myself using colours I don’t normally use, and it got me thinking about chakras and how each one is associated with a colour and various emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects.

You can wear specific colours, or carry certain crystals or decorate your home to promote more of what you wish for in your life, whether it’s abundance or confidence or somewhere to rest.

So couldn’t you create paintings using specific colours for specific things too? For me there has been a lot of orange and blue lately (well, there’s always blue!). Orange corresponds to the sacral chakra, centre for creativity (among other things); blue relates to the throat chakra, seat of communication and speaking your truth. (And here’s me trying to work out how to tell my truth in my paintings!)

{image via wikipedia}

Balancing the chakras means balancing your whole self and bringing it all into alignment. If everything is in balance, there is no illness, no exhaustion or stress, and things that would normally cause ‘negative’ responses in you can be dealt with quickly and easily as the energy flows through you unresisted and unblocked.

Here’s a little rundown of the chakras (Sanskrit for ‘wheel’) and what colours and areas they relate to (from various sources, see bottom):

Crown Chakra (violet/white): upper brain, integration with God, connection with spirit, Universal Force, Thought, pure consciousness

Third Eye Chakra (indigo): Lower brain and nervous system, ears, nose, personality, psychic ability, self-reflection, intuition

Throat Chakra (royal blue): Communication, self expression, lungs, vocal cords, metabolism, judgement, growth through expression

Heart Chakra (green/pink): heart, blood, circulatory system, romance, relationships, unconditional love for self and others, ability to give and receive love, compassion

Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow): pancreas, liver, stomach, digestion, nervous sytem, emotional sensitivities, personal power, self esteem

Sacral Chakra (orange): sexual/reproductive organs, creativity, reproduction, fertility, basic emotional needs, addictions, pleasure, life force energy

Root Chakra (red): fear, adrenal gland, basic necessities, understanding of the physical dimension, grounding, instinct, security, survival, family

What colours do you use often? Are there any you always go back to? Or do you sometimes find yourself gravitating to colours you never normally go for? Maybe the colours you choose are showing you where you need extra support and attention. And by the same token you could create paintings that energise a space that needs more of something; maybe if you need to spice up your love life you could do a red painting for the bedroom! 😉

I’m always interested in ways to combine art and healing; I love the idea of making paintings that heal just by having them in the room.


Me 🙂
Hibiscus Moon
Laura Hollick @ Soul Art Studio

And a little extra if you feel you need help with your balancing 🙂
Goddess Leonie Chakra Healing Meditation {not an affiliate link}