These are really meant as an aide memoire to me, especially if I do this again, to see how it might compare, and to record what came up.

Day 1
*Listened to several Ted Talks {I HIGHLY recommend Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on genius}
*Made a map of what I want to create, plus copious notes
*Lots of thinking about my work and my life
*Read comments on my immersion week post and enjoyed feedback, advice and support
*Started one new painting, added to another, looked at and thought about a third, a LOT
*Looked through my sketchbooks – reams of unmined idea goodness in there {maybe}
*Spent some seriously quality time with someone I love
*Studied my work and noticed I divide the canvas; considered what I might do with this
*Tried my new sumi ink and brush, also my new isopropyl alchohol and dripper {some interesting effects, but you can’t paint over dry sumi ink without it blurring and making everything grey 🙁 }
*Let myself make marks and marks and marks
*Thought about self portraits {and interpretations of}

Day 2
*Mahoosive blockage!
*Reread yesterday’s notes; added some more
*Tried some painting, made some ugly mess
*Did thinking

Day 3
*Quite a bit of painting, not being attached, just doing doing doing
*Didn’t pressure self, or force self to paint
*Excellent Tai Chi class today 🙂
*Discussed being still; when you find your stillness you can take it with you wherever you go {LOVE this concept, not confident about applying to self}
*Missing blog reading!

Day 4 {my 33 and a third birthday!}
*Real moments of actual real what I call Deep Soul Happiness for no reason. Smiling.
*Feeling of peeling back layers and honesty {I have no idea what I was referring to here!}
*Finished Inner Grace painting
*Later on; procrastinating and plagued by gremlins, accompanied by niggling feeling my work is not good enough to show
*Ordered a book about maps as art {very excited}
*Purchased hosting and domain name for new site!
(more on this another time)

Day 5
*No painting whatsoever!
*Bought canvases
*Worked on new website
*Thought about maps, treasure hunts and other Deep Thoughts {upon which I will expound at a later date, probably}

Day 6
*No painting again!
*Website work
*Starting to feel like I’m identifying what’s mine by a f e e l i n g …..
*Thinking about possibilities and how it’s my favourite word {If Kelly Rae Roberts hadn’t already nabbed the word ‘possibilitarian’ that’s what I would have been. Perhaps I’ll be a possibilitician, or a possibilitanist. A possibilitimonger?}

Day 7
*No notes. Hmm.

I want my paintings to tell stories. I want to know my own language. And there will be more sketching.