I am a little bit in hell. It’s Day 3 of Immersion Week and I feel like I’m lost in the forest with no map.

There’s something about that that has a seed of potential and excitement in it, but it’s also incredibly frustrating. Everything I do looks ugly right now. I will keep going, and I think I’m starting to identify what’s really ‘me’ painting wise. (There has been COPIOUS note making and flow chart drawing – thank you Katherine!)

I’m including some cropped sections of three paintings I’m working on right now. Ironically the crops look a whole lot better than the actual paintings; don’t be misled!

I’m writing notes about what I do/learn/think about each day (don’t worry, you won’t be subjected to all that!), and some interesting stuff is coming up. I’ve noticed I’m suddenly working with orange a lot. If you are interested in chakras, you will probably know that orange is the colour of the sacral chakra, which governs emotions and sexuality. A little bit of further research tells me it’s to do with creativity, manifestation, and learning to let go (!!).

Part of me is just standing back and watching the process unfold; if you think of a wave I think I’m basically in the sucking back stage right now. Everything feels like a struggle but I also know the wave must build again and be a fully fledged majestic and beautiful thing!

You have been and are all being such a wonderful support and inspiration to me. I see from the comments on Saturday’s post that I have hit on something a lot of us can relate to. Maybe at the end of the week I will have something useful to offer. (Maybe not; we can but hope!)

I’m off to Tesco for supplies. Turns out Chai tea and almonds are quite the thing for art making sustenance. Oh, and chocolate of course.