The progression of a painting is always popular it seems. I’ve seen other artists doing it too and I know I love to see how a painting comes together. Like maybe you can learn some secrets and magic to put into your own work. 🙂

This is a painting for Week 4 of Wyanne’s Paint Free class. You start by writing something on the plain canvas – a letter, a quote, some love – I went for a prayer I found online recently that I just love.

I usually put text into my paintings, between the layers. As Wyanne says, it can affect the whole energy of the painting. I love the thought of sending a painting out into the world that radiates joy or peace or love.

Then we build up the painting, layer by layer.

Oh yes, and also do about thirty seconds of drawing – either a scribble or something recognisable. I of course had to get some circles in there. I did a scribble really but it ended up looking like some kind of flower.

You can also use media like masking fluid (as above). I love that stuff, but man does it stink! It’s so fun to use though, and deeply satisfying to remove. I used quite a bit and it dripped down – a happy accident.

You could also use gesso (white or clear) and gel medium. I did use gel medium – it’s good for a different kind of texture – initially I was a bit ‘ew’, but actually it’s come out lovely.

You can’t see it but it gives a kind of smooth clear matte coating, with lots of texture options if you mash it about a bit while it’s wet. Check out the drips from the masking fluid too!

And here (above) we have the ugly phase! (Mind you, I’d call this uncomfortable rather than ugly.) Those straight lines were SO not working, and the purple was too dark.

Hooray for white paint! And circles.

Here is the final piece.

It’s quite possible that I’ll do more to this, but I’m happy to call it done for now.