Day Three was all about finishing off the first two paintings and doing as much as we liked/had time for of the third. My third painting and I had an ongoing falling out that day.
It just wouldn’t come together in a way that pleased me.
In a way it was brilliant to be so challenged.
In another way it made me very cross and I had to go outside and flail and stamp around.
So in the spirit of non attachment, covering what you don’t love and saving what you do, I slapped some yellow on it. Quite a lot of yellow in fact. And then everyone loved it! Which was weird. But to me it’s not finished and we are still not friends; but we will be by the time I’ve finished with it. 🙂
Kanya King, founder of the Mobo Awards and Beth’s mentor, was meant to be at the retreat giving a talk and taking Flora’s class, but very sadly couldn’t make it. So we made her a collaborative painting. I think it came out really well. I painted the three black flower outlines, and Moyra coloured them in. 🙂
At the end of the class we sent our favourite ones up to the Sanctuary (the main building) for the Gallery Night, and gathered in the cafe/library to talk about our journeys over the last three days.
Look at them all!
Here’s Carissa telling us about her paintings. We all did this, and clapped each other after. 🙂
It was quite emotional. I hadn’t cried at all up to this point, although quite a few of our number had. Flora said it happens a lot in her class. There was such a range of us, from those who’d never painted, through those who hadn’t picked up a brush since school, to those of us who do paint now, that there were bound to be emotional moments as we each encountered our blocks and sticky bits, then passed through them and came out the other side.We stood in a circle and held hands at the end, and Flora thanked us and encouraged us, then we threw the good vibes up to the universe. THAT was when I had to scurry off into the field for some private weeping.

That evening was Gallery Night, where we could see what everyone had been creating in their classes. The books from Rachel’s class were beautiful; delicate and tactile and full of stories. The use of maps (which I love) got me thinking… I didn’t take any photos of the books for some reason, but this one is a good representation. And by all accounts the class was a total blast.The wire and wax sculptures from Priscilla’s class were also delicate and beautiful. I somehow managed not to take any photos of those either. This one is Priscilla’s. I’d be seriously tempted to take this class if the opportunity ever arose.Rachel sang the most beautiful haunting miner’s song, Beth did a little summing up, (sorry not great photos) there was Pimms and other beverages, and people who were on the ball had brought some of their work to sell. I bought a fab skirt from Helen, and of course the painting…. 🙂 Goodness me I am so lucky; I will treasure it for always.

Thanks for bearing with me while I spent three days recounting this story! This is as much a record for me as it is information for you; maybe you’ll want to go next year. It was such a special time and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone without hesitation. You don’t often find the opportunity to spend time so immersed in being creative and talking about your dreams without reservation, and with full support and acceptance of who you are and what you offer the world. I have come away brimming with ideas and excitement. Now, about that third painting…