Tomorrow I am off to Yorkshire for a week to attend the Do What You Love retreat (remember, the one where I get to be taught by Flora Bowley?!), and see some friends and family while I’m up there. I am equal parts excited and nervous. I can hardly believe May has come around so fast, and yet it feels like a lifetime ago that I booked myself onto this little adventure.

I’ve been tidying the flat so when I come back it’ll be all nice and fresh. I spent ages tidying the studio, but it’s still a bit of a shambles! Never mind I know where things are, and anyway, I’m sure I read somewhere that there’s an actual law about artists’ studios being a mess….I will report back in a week’s time!


PS. Bless you all who left me such kind words about the last post. I had a little ‘moment’ after posting, that maybe I just sounded like a pretentious dickhead, so I am mucho relieved and very glad that you liked it after all! 🙂