This month’s theme on Creative Every Day was SMALL. Or should that be small.1) As we know, if I am told to do a thing, I immediately don’t want to do it. The theme is actually ENTIRELY optional, but I resist nevertheless.
2) I tend to work BIG.
But I did like one of Leah’s suggestions for ways to do small. It was to divide a page up into 30 one inch squares and do little drawings in them, or something small at any rate. I thought I could do it in front of the tv.
Three things then happened: I started on several in one evening; I then ran out of ideas; I kept forgetting. Also I don’t watch that much tv. I like movies but I have to concentrate on them, which means no sketching.I haven’t filled the whole page and think I’m unlikely to, but that’s cool. When I feel like being small I can always go back to it. 🙂