Am on a glorious roll at the moment but just thought I’d pop by and do a quick show and tell of my peacock.

He’s been poking around in my head for a few weeks now, and today felt like the day to let him out.

There isn’t really anything else like being in the studio on a sunny day that’s just cold and breezy enough to be ok about staying inside, music blasting out, being in the zone where you don’t know anything except the paint and the canvas.

And maybe a cup of coffee or two.

I really enjoyed watching him come together actually. I think there is still some room for definition around the ‘eye’ bits on the feathers, and if anyone has any advice on making ‘glow’ without using glitter I’m all ears!

I toyed with the idea of gold leaf but am undecided. Yes, looking at the photo really shows where definition is needed, although in real life it does look richer.

Thank you so very much to all of you who left a comment the other day. I’m sitting with it all and will come back to you on that one when it’s percolated a bit. 🙂


Edit: Went back in with the charcoal. NOW it’s finished.