Ah, Week 2 of Wyanne’s Paint Free class. I resisted the assignment for the whole week.

I don’t really know why; maybe because I didn’t want to paint in pastels, and I would need to for my ‘love thing’.

Maybe because I didn’t know how to paint the thing I loved when I was a child, because it was stationery!

Double sided pastel coloured pencil cases with compartments and magnetic closures, furry stickers, scented rubbers and notepaper, sparkly pens, Caran D’Ache colouring pencils. Even when I realised I could paint how it made me feel instead, I resisted.

And then I sat down to do it, the half hour went by in no time, and I don’t know if I even want to do the possible extra half hour of tweaking it. To me it does capture that feeling of love and excitement and happiness I felt about my stationery things.

It’s not like much has changed anyway; I still go into a swoon over stationery.