I am very frustrated. I’ve reached The Wall again,with this new painting. (Actually it’s an old painting reworked but focus, Tara, focus.)

I am wondering if it’s partly because the shop has asked me to bring in three more pieces to replace the ones I sold. This week. And it’s already Wednesday.

Please note this is in no way a complaint about having sold three paintings!

I just have an annoying habit of instantly not wanting to and/or not being able to do what I’m asked as soon as I’m asked to do it. Painting ‘to order’ is making me draw a blank. This is neither professional nor encouraging.

I do like this painting, it’s just where the heck to take it now because it really doesn’t feel finished. I’ve tried ideas related to text, figures, more trees, a moon, clouds, some random imagery. One wrong move and it could end up a) ruined or b) twee.

I’ve really got to get over this fear. If you look at it and instantly know what it needs, please tell me! 🙂 Normally I’d put it to one side and maybe come back to it in a few weeks, sometimes months, but I don’t have that luxury this week! Perhaps I’ll just work on one of the other sticky ones while I think about it…