I know I know, about freaking time!

(Although it’s ‘only’ been six days since my last painting, but that feels like forever to me.) I started this over a week ago and have either ignored it or gone in and done maybe one thing to it here and there since then.

Obviously it’s not finished yet. (I wanted to call it ‘she’ just then – never realised I think of my paintings as having a gender….)

So, she’s not finished (hehe), but I love how in the image above, I was really feeling icky about it, then I turned it round a bit, got in there with some Naples Yellow, and lo!

I see a fish (originally that was going to be a leg. Don’t ask) and a moon! Quelle surprise. I’m loving the yellow with the greeny blues and the splash of red.


PS. Micki (cause you asked!) – new gouache learning: gouache is great for drips! It doesn’t go too transparent like acrylics do and dries matte which makes a lovely contrast with the shinier acrylic.

PPS. Another generally useful thing to know (for painting!); if you cut with pinking shears along the edge of an old credit card it makes a nice texture tool to drag through paint. You can do squiggles and cross hatching with it too.