This is one of the shops in Hove where you would find my work if you happened to stop by.

Lulu and Hitch sells lovely painted furniture, vintage finds, cards, gifts, all kinds of nice things. I’ve got my eye on a few bits myself (might have to sell a few more paintings first). I do like the stick arrangement; they used to have necklaces hanging off the hooks which I always thought was a clever display and something you could make yourself.

The furniture and other bits and pieces are not expensive which is quite unusual I think. One of the owners paints a lot of the furniture himself. With Farrow and Ball of course.

They’ve just set up the website and I am featured as the first Artist of the Month! (I’m not actually the first artist but I’m the first one on the site.) Look, there I am on the door!

And they put three of my new pieces in the window! Very exciting.