Louise Gale organises colour challenges twice a year and this month I decided to take part. It’s always good to do things creatively that you wouldn’t normally do; it pushes you outside your comfort zone.And this definitely pushed me right out of mine! The theme was ‘Bloom’, and the challenge was to use complementary colours (which if you aren’t sure are the ones opposite each other on the colour wheel).You may have noticed I don’t paint flowers that often, and nor do I tend to use complementary colours in any obvious way in my paintings. So once I sat down I realised I didn’t even know where, or how, to start! So I just started.I found that working on paper is a whole different kettle of fish from working on canvas. It’s freeing. I also get a really quite tragic kick out of using masking tape to make a clean white border.The other joy of working on paper is you can scan it instead of photographing it, which makes editing a lot easier.
I did a third (well I do like a triptych), in yellow and purple, but it’s so bad I can’t show you. I’ll use it for cutting up and making backgrounds.

My swap partner is Judit at Pilgrim of the Moon. She has a lovely Etsy shop, and look what she did for me! So simple and pretty; it has some gorgeous layers and stitching, and will look perfect framed and hanging with my new yellow wallpaper (coming soon…).


I must just say how unbelievably touched and overwhelmed I’ve been by all the lovely comments about my work, wishes for my birthday (and laptop!) and entries from lovely new-to-me people since I wrote about the giveaway. I’m not usually one for over the top gushing but I have been really surprised and pleased at the response.

I am constantly blown away by the kindness and generosity of creative people in the blogging world, and I am truly grateful to ALL of you; I’ve been trying to stop by everyone’s blog to thank them personally, so if I haven’t got to you yet, I’m on my way!

The laptop is back in my grubby little paws and we are working very hard together on catching up (really quite frightening how much can happen Out There in three days!). Big love to everyone, and good luck! 🙂