In the Wading In photography class Vivienne gives us prompts to inspire us. This week it was sending yourself a message, in the form of playing with text. (My fave!) You could do anything – use a post it note, paint onto your mirror, or, as I did, use a photo editor like Picnik to superimpose text and do some fancy schmancy manipulations.The text could be a favourite quote, or something otherwise meaningful to you. It could start, “I am…..”
Look at those rays. Lots of potential with that little trick.
Quite nice to send yourself a little message on a down day. This one was a bit of silliness.Something wistful about this one. I didn’t manipulate it because it seems to say more without additions.
I love the colour explosion of these.
Another idea was to use your word of the year.
Well there’s some happy hours whiled away!