I woke up at 7.11 am on this, the morning of what will undoubtedly be a very special year, and couldn’t go back to sleep. Now, either I am the world’s biggest loser, or I’m just very very excited about 2011, but here I am doing a blog post at 8.15 when the world outside my window is deathly quiet – even the seagulls are having a lie in.But I’m so excited! I’m excited that everything feels new and clean and READY, like a big empty canvas waiting for something beautiful to be put on it.

I’m excited that today I will be doing something that will give me freedom and independence in a way I’ve really missed (more on that later).

I’m excited that J was here last night and we both love each other so much and he has turned a massive corner and we’re going to see where 2011 takes us, without labels or boxes.

I’m excited that I’ve just signed up for this art course with one of my favourite artists, Mati Rose, and her friend Lisa Congdon. Online courses abound at this time of year, but this was the one that really got me fired up. I’m excited that with all the growing and changing I’ve been doing lately I look at things from a new perspective, and I see a year laid before me that I can create in the best way for me, and that that will benefit everyone around me.

I’m excited about where my painting’s going to take me, the new people I’ll meet, the things I might do, the experiences I’ll have, the places I’ll go.

Exciting times people, exciting times. I wish for you all that you could possibly desire for yourself and more. Time to get up and start the year. 🙂