See what I did there? Well never mind if not, it wasn’t very clever anyways 🙂

I had THE MOST FUN on day one of the Wading In class. When I get five minutes where I don’t have to sort out my car insurance, or make stewed plums before they all rot in their boxes, or consult my To Do list with that mildly panicked feeling, I will be in front of the mirror taking more photos.

Who knew messing around in your bathroom could be this fun? Well, Vivienne obviously. Playing around with angles and line, framing, the way I portray myself – so much to experiment with!

Even if you’re not doing the class I really recommend it as a way to loosen up and see things differently.

You will notice in these photos I look like I’m actually enjoying it, cause I am! I think I mentioned the other day that I’ve hated photos of myself all my life and always considered myself horribly unphotogenic, but this is giving me a chance to change that.

Naturally I’ve chosen the most flattering out of the 82684 photos I actually took, but the point is I’m starting to like how I look in a photo.

I know it’s not the be all and end all, but trust me, after a lifetime of dreading photos of myself I’m learning how I can swap the misery of posing for photos for something more fun and relaxed that can actually even have a nice outcome!