I’ve just been for a quick scurry round the Made craft fair here in Brighton. There were an awful lot of people there (ugh), and quite a preponderence of jewellery, but also many things of unbelievable gorgeousness. I even bumped into Ros Lymer, who makes beautiful machine embroidered textile and mixed media pieces, and with whom I shared the Open House in May.I also found this company, Woodchild, who make very tactile and covetable wool children’s blankets, scarves and other bits and bobs. They have a very nice habit of taking back old blankets and recycling them into something new:And look, I found Lara Sparks, one of whose cushions I bought at the Worthing Open Houses earlier this year: Not only does she have a very cool name, but her embroidered accessories are a joy, AND she does classes which may need to be investigated further. I bought an embroidered camper van in a frame for J but don’t tell him. (Also it is possibly one of those presents that you subconsciously bought because YOU want it.)

Hmm, what else did I spy…. oooh yes, Maxine Sutton‘s gorgeous embroideries:There’s a definite theme emerging here…. then there was Oh Golly Gosh – guess what they do?Martha Mitchell does some very cool crockery edged with tiny drawings of household cupboard contents:And Luna Lighting was there, which used to be one of my suppliers when I was running Boutiko. (Goodness that feels like a million years ago!) Divine ceramics, well worth checking out.I love Cardigan – lots of lovely and weird knitted things. Sequin sardines on woolly toast anyone?Cute and quirky jewellery from Lindsey Mann:

And look what Rebecca J Coles does with butterflies!Phew, this has taken AGES! My neck hurts. I am going off to find some slippers and do some painting. Happy weekend!