I’ve always really loved before and afters. I think it’s the ‘instantness’ of it, the pleasure of seeing something come from nothing without actually having to do anything, and I am definitely all about the instant gratification.

It’s quite rare for me to actually DO one, but this little project only took me about half an hour (and two years) to do. So yesterday there were these ingredients:

  • frame {£35 from a local antique/junk shop
  • chicken wire {about a fiver from a local hardware store}
  • staple gun {which I already owned}
  • a tangled mess of earrings
  • some pliers that have a cutting area {hoping you know what I mean by that}


I cut the chicken wire so it would fit the frame, then stapled it to the back. {I may have enlisted the help of a passing builder to make it perfect. Chicken wire’s pretty unruly.}


And hung all my earrings from it!


That’s it! I’m so pleased with it, and I learned many valuable lessons such as; maybe wear gardening gloves when cutting chicken wire (my hands are a bit ripped to shreds), use tape to cover the raw edges of the chicken wire at the back, I have a LOT of earrings, and also, don’t leave projects for two years before you do them!


The bowls are holding brooches, rings, stud earrings and uncategorisable bits. Soon there will be hooks for the necklaces and that will be my jewellery sorted!