Well, I thought it was a WIP (god I really hate that word, why do I keep using it?! That is the last time I swear), and then I hung it up and realised it was in fact finished, and NOW I can’t stop looking at it!And then I had an idea. I love lists. Most of the women I know love lists. (I also love text in paintings.) Why not offer personalised versions in the colour of your choice, with a list relevant to you? I’m already starting a list of my favourite words for the next one. You could have lists of the names of your family, countries you’ve visited, favourite foods, favourite anything! The idea is still gestating, but it’s had the thumbs up from my two Special Advisors already, (you know who you are!) so I’m taking that as a green light. 🙂

In other news, I went to meet Rose, who is hosting an open house in May, and I booked my space and am IN! So so excited; my first ever exhibition to the public!