I didn’t think I liked autumn, because of the whole cold, dark, nearly winter thing, but it turns out I do. Well, on days like this anyway. And I took my camera because I thought I might notice some things.

As I lay prostrate on the ground to take this photo an old man and his dog came up and wondered what I was doing, as well he might. He hadn’t noticed how the afternoon sun was shining through the leaf and making it glow, so I showed him. I think he liked it.




This one doesn’t do justice to what I saw when I turned round and the grass looked like it was moving.There was this silvery, rippling layer everywhere and then I realised it was spider webs. Literally all across the grass. It was like a fairy pathway! I have never noticed that before. It seemed bad then that people were walking all over it and destroying the shimmering, and the work the spiders had put in.
And here’s little Mr Snouty Face coming to ask me for cheese.