Don’t know about you, but I do love a Before and After. Here’s one of my girl on the board. She’s still not finished but I’m too impatient to wait til she is. Ew, I hated her when she looked like this. What a smugface.Remember her? With the stab mark on her cheek? I’m quite loving how I managed to change her expression and personality just by adjusting the eyes. And somehow the stab mark has disappeared. Bonus.
I’m not really a fan of directly copying someone else’s work but it just sort of happened here, while I was learning all the different methods and techniques.
I would love to illustrate this point by showing you Suzi’s version of this, but I can’t find it anywhere. (Just as well really, hers is way better of course.) Anyway, this post is to remind us all that even though something looks like total crap at the beginning, with 2937 layers of pencil, clear gesso and acrylic, we can produce something that isn’t just better but which also makes us feel better to look at because we know how far it has come.
Here endeth the lesson.