New class time! It’s a portrait class with Suzi Blu, who I’ve been following on You Tube for quite a while now. She sort of defies description, but if I ever get to be half as talented and independent of mind as her, I’ll be most pleased.

So we start with a grey scale, for practice and to get used to our tools.Then we practice features. Practice practice practice.
Then we have a go at putting them together, using a ruler to measure the face. The look we are going for here is stylised, not realistic, so each side is symmetrical (kinda). Suzi’s girls are pretty; mine look like aliens according to my mum (thanks Mum), and frankly some of them scare me. A couple actually look kind of mean.
Homework was to do one face as below and stick it in your spanking new Moleskine journal (where have these BEEN all my life?), ready to be worked on.
Suzi explains that the eyes are half closed because they are ‘sleepy sexy’. I think I’m channelling ‘drugged and potentially comatose’.
I managed to stab this one in the face somehow. This last one is on board. You were supposed to do it on paper and then stick it on the board but I somehow missed that point. What I find weird is that each time a face looms into existence, I can somehow see myself in it. Maybe that’s just because I did it. That stab mark is really annoying me.