Technology is an incredible thing. I could never have imagined that I would be able to join a class with an artist in the States and learn via video all sorts of new techniques for my paintings.

In my quest to find my ‘thing’ (and if you’re fed up with hearing about that, imagine how I feel. I’m in my head ALL the TIME), I have signed up for a series of video classes with Julie Prichard, whose blog can be found by clicking here. In fact, you can sign up yourself if you fancy a different perspective on painting backgrounds for things like journalling, mixed media art or even as an end in themselves – registration is open til Friday.

Here’s my first attempt. It comes up different in every photo I take but I already feel I’ve learned so much I would never have thought of. I painted it on some rather cunning canvas that came in a pad, like a sketch book.

Here’s how Julie describes the course:

Online Class begins May 18th and closes June 24th $43.00 (USD)
Description: Take your acrylic painting to the next level with Layer Love, taught by mixed media artist Julie Prichard. Paint along to nine beautiful projects and learn the techniques I use in my everyday painting. Turn your work from blah to rah!
After you complete the class, you will be able to apply these painting techniques to projects such as canvas paintings, art journals, greeting cards…and altering just about anything you can get your hands on!
I’ll be online for you every step of the way. Members will be allowed access to a private network where we will discuss and paint two projects weekly.
At the end of class, I will provide all students with ideas for taking the layering techniques even further by adding journaling, doodles and other embellishments.

If you fancy it, you can register here.