Lynne at Tea for Joy gave me a mini interview about my style and design choices for 2009. It was an honour to be included among such stylish and professional bloggers! Hop over there to see my pearls of wisdom….

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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Style resolutions 2009: Tara from Aquamarine

Isn’t it funny how great stories catapult around the blogosphere at rapid speed? For example, if I mention Orla Kiely for Target, I bet you all know what I mean already…Today’s Style Resolutions come from Tara of Aquamarine. She was the first person to tell me about Lindsay Pemberton’s teacup bangles.

Next thing I know, they are on Katy Elliot’s blog, and before you know it, they have been mentioned by the doyenne of interior blogging, Holly from Decor8! How exciting. So, thanks Tara for the tip! Tara’s blog, Aquamarine, features lots of her lovely craft projects, including this lovely lavender key ring – Tara rightly suggests that a quick squeeze of lavender could alleviate road rage…Thanks Tara for taking part. By the way, if my posting is sporadic over the next week or so, it’s because my laptop has come down with some kind of virus thing and I’m not sure how to fix it – so I’m blogging at work.

Style Resolutions: Tara from Aquamarine

Q. What was your favourite design find/achievement of 2008?

A. I’m always looking for art, especially mixed media art, to hang in my home, so was really excited to find Sarah Ahearn’s work on Etsy. I bought this.

I also love Roddy and Ginger, for its simple designs and vintage inspiration. I will be buying this cushion sooner or later.

Last but not least, I’m getting very into wall stickers lately. They are a great way to liven up a room without committing to a permanent change. Rockett St Georgehas some fabulous ones and there are plenty to be found on Etsy.

Q. What are your style resolutions for 2009?

Interior design/renovating: I’m planning to buy a house this year, which will no doubt involve a frenzy of interiors ‘research’ and interior decoration; in the meantime I’m renting the most beautiful flat imaginable, which I’m currently enhancing with art and, ahem, mess. Not being able to decorate means you have to be more imaginative with how you make a place your own. I recommend Ikea’s white chunky frames which make any print/postcard look good, small clusters of similar style/coloured framed pictures which make a great impact, and hanging vintage style lavender bags from your door handles. These are easy enough to make, or try the gorgeous La Pomme.

Gifts/Wrapping: Homemade gifts are the way forward. For when there’s no time/inclination/felt handy, all my gifts to others this year will be ethically sourced. This might be the moment to plug my online ethical gift store Boutiko, for all your ethical gift needs! Everything we sell is either organic, fair trade, handmade locally, sustainable or recycled, plus we offer next day delivery and free gift wrapping. We also have a massive sale on just now.

Shopping/Fashion: What with the ‘current financial climate’ (yuk), I will be eschewing shopping (unless it’s an emergency or charity shopping) for mending or modifying my clothes, and trying new combinations, which can end up giving you a whole new wardrobe for free, and is quite a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon instead of shopping.

Q. Which style/design blog(s) will you be reading in 2009?

A. I read a LOT of blogs. My favourites for style/design though would have to be: Cheeky Beaks, for the gorgeous fabric design, and Chez Larsson, for the fabulous real life Scandinavian interiors.