Firstly thank you thank you thank you to everyone who so kindly read my guest post, and even commented! That was a flurry of excitement for me when I got home yesterday evening! That will do nicely as my fifteen minutes.


The pile of heart stones continues to grow, and now there are also snowflake stones. I just did a couple at random and then a friend wanted nine for table decorations.

It’s interesting {and a challenge to my inner perfectionist} how different stones take the colour differently. Some have come out a sort of metallic bronzey blue, whereas others are just straight blue.

I guess some stones are just thirstier than others.

read Light Emerging: A Journey of Personal Healing by Barbara Brennan
the gale force winds tearing at the building I live in and rattling the windows {my BED was shaking the other night!}
the rope lights I suddenly remembered I had making the room cosy, especially with no other lights on
the gorgeous Lady Nada Aura Soma incense sticks I received as payment for a Reiki session
homemade chocolate cupcakes, a little dry but still of course totally edible :0)
anything that will warm up my permanently cold fingers
I’m really going to have to go somewhere hot soon
pleased that people liked my guest post {and I promise that’s the absolute last mention of it}

{senses list inspired by Monica at Bohemian Twilight}

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