The Artnotes Collection


The Artnotes Collection

Letters from an artist’s life

Curated from a decade of the much loved Artnotes emails, this is a book of encouragement, stories, insights, and fresh perspectives for artists of all kinds.

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It’s beautifully written and will be a great book to refer back to when I’m having a bad art day (lots of highlights are being made)!

– Andrea England


Just read your Artnotes and WOW πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ”₯πŸ”₯❀️❀️. It was a great read: interesting, inspiring, compelling. And permission to ponder πŸ€”. So valuable. Thanks πŸ™.

– Pamela Jones


Always enjoy seeing Artnotes arrive in my inbox – like a gift to my creative self! Thank you for sharing your ideas, inspiration, talent and wit.

– Kelly

Tara Leaver in studio

About the Book

Being an artist can be a paradox. In part it’s about connection – to our creative selves, to the work we make, and to those we share it with. And, by nature often a solitary activity, it can sometimes feel lonely. Long hours alone in the studio can be both a balm and a challenge. We all need reminders that we’re not really alone; that there are others out there also working away in their creative spaces, connected through time, space, and shared experiences.

It’s those shared experiences that form the basis of the Artnotes Tara Leaver has been writing since 2013. Artnotes are letters from one artist’s life to another, sent via email, that speak to the ups and downs of the artist experience. Filled with observations, stories, inspiration, humour, and fresh perspectives, they have become a much loved source of connection, validation, and camaraderie with readers around the world.

The Artnotes Collection brings together a selection of the best of these letters into a beautiful book, perfect for dipping into in those moments when you need guidance, reconnection, or to remember that you’re never really alone.

“I’ve spent the last couple of weekends dipping into this. If you’d like a compassionate art {and life} mentor and companion to help you create your truest, most authentic work, treat yourself to this beautiful book written by artist and teacher Tara Leaver. It is hugely inspiring, deeply insightful and sensitively soothing…feels like a balm. Thank you Tara.”
Clare Stirzaker

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