Tara Leaver

Hello! 🙂

You have landed here because you signed up for Eli Trier’s Redefining Community project and clicked through to find out more about what I do. It’s lovely to see you here! 

As you may know I’m an artist, online teacher, and what I think of as a creative encourager.  🙂 I live in Cornwall, England, and run online courses which are ostensibly about art, but are really about finding clarity and confidence in your voice and vision as a creative human being.

I realise you might not see yourself as an artist, {you’d be amazed how many artists seem to feel that way!}, but if you have even a tiny glimmer of curiosity or a faint yearning you’ve been ignoring, you are most welcome to join my community for a little while and see if we can help you with that.

Twice a month I send out Artnotes, which are the email equivalent of a letter from one artist {me} to another {you}.

They’re full of thought provoking ideas, behind the scenes stories about being an artist {and how to fully embrace that, whatever it means to you}, and are a way to stay updated about what courses are available and what blog posts you may have missed.

I know that it takes time to decide whether someone’s work, personality, and offerings are for you. With that in mind, I invite you to fill in the form below to try out Artnotes for yourself. And while GDPR technically forbids me to offer you a gift on signing up, there ‘might’ be a little mini course to help you get reacquainted with your artist self if it’s been a while. Just sayin’. 😉

Like a sample? Click here for one of the most popular Artnotes ever. 

Not really up for more emails? Join me over on Instagram here. See you soon and thank you for stopping by!

I have been reading your last two Artnotes, and they are SO thoughtful, intelligent, and beautifully written, you really ARE a fantastic art encourager! I would encourage anyone who doesn’t already get these to sign up for them, so helpful to read. I could go on and on…but I won’t! Just wanted to say thank you. :)”

Jo Payne

“Thank you so much for your Inspiring Creative Artnotes. Sharing your knowledge in such a kind and inspiring way has really helped me to get back into it again, Yayyy! I have my Art Eyes on again, its possible…”

Janene Feasey

You have a great way with words, and paint. Your Artnotes are always a welcome inspiration.

Jo Murray

I would like to let you know how much I enjoy your ArtNotes! They have offered me so much inspiration and some days even get me to pick up my brushes and carry on. Plus following your personal adventures is such fun!

Kathy K