Does your art need a bit of a shake up?

Are you wishing you could stop defaulting to realism,

even if that’s not what you’re aiming for?

Do you look at the work of other artists and wonder

how they seem to express themselves so freely?

If this all sounds familiar, Free Up Your Art might be a great next step for you.

It might seem hard to believe, but freedom in your art is possible for you, and it most likely isn’t as difficult as you imagine.

With a few fresh ideas that are easy to follow and have huge scope for personalization, you can go from stuck in a tightly painted corner to exuberantly expressive art in a very short time.

I have just had one of the most creative weeks in my artist life on Tara’s ‘Free Up Your Art Course’. So often I’m looking to be a better artist by copying others, finding a failsafe tool or product or just playing it safe, repeating what I’ve done before. Through inspirational quotes, encouragement to explore and feedback via Instagram, Tara has helped me to increase my confidence in experimenting and taking risks in my work and moving into the unknown. It has reaffirmed for me that art is as much about process as product.
Ian Stubbs


  • You’re feeling frustrated with the tightness of your paintings and drawings

  • You don’t have loads of time but would like some fresh ideas to shake things up

  • You love to take a simple idea and play with it to make it your own

  • You’re looking for a taster of how your work could develop more freely

  • You’re worried you’re not ‘good enough’ at art to go beyond attempts at realism

  • You have a few stuck paintings that could use a bit of new life injected into them

“I have been away from painting for a bit and thought this would be just the thing to push away the jitters and get the brain working again. I wasn’t wrong. You [can] start the day with a bunch of art ideas to think through while you run through life. That in itself sets you up for success. The lessons provide very actionable ideas that you can implement as is or twist up based on your style. All the ideas are delivered in Tara’s encouraging voice, pushing you just a little bit with every step.”

Shilpa Agashe

“I’m really loving the course! It’s helped me put my perfectionism aside and just have fun creating! It’s helped strike a balance between expression and intention.”
Kat King

7 simple, easy, and most importantly fun lessons, designed to get you loosening up and exploring new possibilities!

Day 1: Loosening up your drawing

Day 2: One into many

Day 3: Liquidate!

Day 4: Lost and found

Day 5: Tidy and wild 

Day 6: Art on a stick

Day 7: Upgrade your scribbles


Free Up Your Art

“I decided to take your 7 day course, although I make jewelry. I am learning so much from you!! This lesson in particular gave me some wonderful ideas to incorporate into new jewelry designs. You are really a gifted teacher with an engaging style! Thanks so much for having this free course – loving it!!!”

Laura Teague

Tara Leaver - Free Up Your Art

About your guide

I’m Tara, your friendly artist, teacher, and creative encourager. 🙂 

I believe that deep down we all want our art to be a true expression of who we are and how we experience the world. My courses are about uncovering that part of us and allowing our art to reveal it. It takes time and perseverance, but it’s entirely possible.

I used to find myself continually frustrated by my apparent inability to make the kind of expressive, free art I knew was inside me. Like many, I was taught that realism was what proved you were ‘good at art’, and while that stood me in good stead in many ways, it wasn’t where I wanted to stay.

Over the past decade I’ve been exploring, experimenting, and making a lot of mess in the name of freedom of artistic self expression. I’ve picked up a few ideas along the way, and this short free course shares some of those with you. It gives a taster of how just a few simple tweaks can really shake up your practice and help you see your work – and the path ahead – in a new way.

“Tara’s instruction is clear and her voice is very encouraging.”


“Thank you for this course, I’m really enjoying it! Great, simple and effective exercises to explore your free expression in painting.  All Tara’s courses have this characteristic. I was glad to add a piece to this fascinating path of making your paintings more ‘yours’.”

Francesca Tesoriere

“Tara Leaver, you are my art angel! Thanks for bringing your ideas, positive energy, and inspiration to me, far away in Canada. From compositional instruction (work in some scribbles!) to technical tidbits (thinned acrylics in squeeze bottles!), you always deliver numerous footholds for getting back at it in the studio. (Really, this about brings tears to my eyes.) Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Paula Funk

“Tara’s class is fun. She gives you permission to let go, try something new, experiment. It is so freeing.
Highly recommended.”