Express It Month

A month long invitation to express your feelings through art

This course {and lots more} is available inside the Happy Artist Studio!

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“Let’s not forget that the little emotions are the great captains
of our lives and we obey them without realising it.”

Vincent Van Gogh


It’s a way to become more conscious of what you’re feeling and thus more connected to yourself
It supports feeling and expressing your feelings {something we so often don’t do for all sorts of reasons} through the safe container of a creative practice
It’s a way to make more art/develop a practice with built in motivation

About the Idea

Tara Leaver
I started Express It Month because I wanted to experiment with the idea of art as a direct and immediate expression of emotion.

Now obviously art is that already in many ways, but not always solely and specifically. I want to see what would happen, what kind of art I’d create, if I sat down every day for a month and sent my feelings in that moment or that day from my heart down through my hands and out onto the page.

I wanted to fill a sketchbook with feelings, kind of like a wordless visual diary. Without planning or ‘trying to make good art’. Just spontaneous, ‘this is how I feel and this is what it looks/feels like to me in this moment’.

This is an invitation to try this experiment for yourself. I ran it ‘live’ in March 2016 and it was unexpectedly popular. Over 500 photos were shared on Instagram and elsewhere.

Use it to explore how you really feel. Use it to release pent up emotions consciously. Use it as a fun experiment. Use it in whatever way will best support you. Interpret it all however feels best to you.


What it was like for some of the participants

“The daily emails have been just the medicine I was needing.”

“Thank you so very much for an insightful, motivating and fun month!”

“Thank you for this month…it has helped me to get back into doing art again. Overall I think I have grown as a person and I thank you for that.”

“You rock and so do your emails. Thanks for making this month happen!”

 What’s Involved?

    • A thought provoking and encouraging message daily for 31 days
    • Book and movie recommendations, quotes, stories, poems, and things to try for yourself
    • No rules or requirements to read every message or make something every day; follow your own feelings
    • Each day you are invited to create something that directly expresses your feelings that day or in that moment. Any medium, any format. Art, writing, music, dance, photography….whatever sings to you is best.
    • Start when you’re ready, and do as much or as little as you like

    This {and lots more} is all inside the Happy Artist Studio!

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