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You haven’t made art for ages.


Maybe not since you were drawing one-legged

purple elephants in nursery school.


Where do you begin?

Perhaps you used to love drawing and painting a long time ago, but gve it up because of lost confidence, or life events that took precedence.

Or maybe you can’t remember ever having made art, and although it sounds kind of intriguing and fun, you’re pretty sure you’re no good at it and probably shouldn’t waste your time and money finding out.

Or perhaps you do make art sometimes, but it’s erratic and a bit all over the place and you don’t seem to be able to get any momentum going. So you kind of feel like you aren’t really an artist, but it nags at you because you know you love to draw and paint.

With so much inspiration and advice at our fingertips these days, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming.

Logically, the best place to enter {back} into the world of expressing yourself through art is at the basics, but what even are those?!

When I started making art again after a hiatus of almost a decade, there was much less available online in the way of courses and resources for beginner artists, and it was still quite overwhelming!

So I’ve put together a super simple, fun, action oriented little Artist’s Starter Kit for you, to help you to not just locate the door, but turn the handle and start to step through, back into your art.


I remember thinking, when I first started following your site, that I could feel the openness, the desire to help others grow into themselves as artists and just as people. And I could tell that you understood that journey. 


  • You haven’t made any art for a long time, whether that’s a year or two, or a lifetime

  • You don’t feel confident about your abilities and are worried you don’t have ‘talent’

  • You don’t know where to begin

  • A gentle, action-oriented {re}introduction to your artist self would be really helpful
  • You’d like a little guidance and reassurance as you rediscover this side of yourself

PLEASE NOTE! This is an updated version of the previously named ‘Making Art Your Way’ course. If you have already taken that, you don’t need this. 🙂

I’ve kept up quietly creating my art and painting, and now as the years have past since I started with you and your online art courses, I have more experience and I felt I wanted to reach out to you from this present artist’s place and thank you from this point in my creative practice. 

Your classes are by far the best and I have benefited greatly from your way of teaching techniques in an all encompassing, wholistic way. I appreciate your artist voice and connectivity to all of us through your art practice and sharing your thoughts.

I have never felt better about my art, my style(s), my marks than when I have taken your courses. I really relish them.

The Artist’s Starter Kit is designed to get you started with making art in a way that’s going to work for you, whatever that may look like. It’s low pressure, simple and comes with lots of encouragement!

The lessons introduce the following topics, along with extra tips and resources. The idea is to lay some groundwork from which you can then move forward with greater confidence, and have more fun doing it!

  • Start Simple {with free drawing video}

  • Creative Blocks and Powerful Antidotes

  • Gathering your Supplies

  • Finding Inspiration

  • Your Creative Space

  • Getting to Know your Creative Process


I’m so thankful for having found your blog and courses, because you keep reminding me of the most important thing of all and that is to be kind to myself in order to be what I want to be: a happy (and hopefully also skilled) artist.


Tara Leaver - Free Up Your Art

About your guide

I’m Tara, your friendly artist, teacher, and creative encourager. 🙂 

I believe that deep down we all want our art to be a true expression of who we are and how we experience the world. My courses are about uncovering that part of us and learning how to allow our art to reveal it. It takes time and perseverance, but it’s entirely possible.

Over the past decade I’ve been exploring, experimenting, and making a lot of mess in the name of freedom of artistic self expression. But like you, I had to start at the beginning, and I learned all sorts of useful things about what’s required to create a solid platform on which to build your artist life. In the Artist’s Starter Kit I’m sharing some of the essential basics with you, in simple, accessible, action-oriented ways. With lashings of encouragement, as always. 🙂

I really only wanted to satisfy my curiosity when I took advantage of your offer to take this mini-course. The second lesson just exploded in my head, paragraph after paragraph. I am excited and have been moving in baby steps and these are really getting me somewhere. I never anticipated anything like this.

Course participant

Questions and Answers

***PLEASE NOTE! This is an updated version of the previously named ‘Making Art Your Way’ course. If you have already taken that, you don’t need this. :)***

What art supplies will I need to take this course?

Because this is about first steps, all you’ll need to begin is a pencil and paper or sketchbook for the first exercise, and to make any notes as you go along. 

We will talk about art supplies in one of the lessons, and I’lll make suggestions for what might be good to start with, so you don’t make expensive mistakes from the beginning. {Although as your confidence grows, you probably will end up using them all at some point!}

Can a beginner do this course?

Yes! It’s made for you! The lessons are simple and easy to follow, and aim to provide a basic foundation from which to gain a little confidence and start to get a feel for where you might like to go next with your art. It is very much an introduction, rather than a full on art course, the idea being that it’s a gentle, non-intimidating starting point.

Got another question? Contact me here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with your answer!

Tara is a very generous artist with her resources and experience.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and she is passionate about helping you create ‘the art that only you can make’.

Get started bringing back your art today!