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You have landed here because you clicked a link after your curiosity was piqued somewhere on the internet about who I am and what I do. Thank you! And yay!

me in the studio

My name is Tara, and I’m an artist, teacher, writer and what I think of as a creative encourager.  :)

I paint in my attic studio by the sea; I write about art and creativity on my blog and in my book, Creative Spark, which guides and supports people to rediscover their creative and artistic gifts, especially if they have fears and doubts about them.

I offer an array of courses, free gifts and blog articles on my website, and for those who like to hear a little more from me and stay updated with new happenings, projects, sales and offers, there are Artnotes.

I know that it takes time to decide whether someone’s work, personality and offerings are for you. With that in mind, I invite you to fill in the form below.

It will give you access to ‘Making Art Your Way’, a free six part email mini course designed to get you started with making art, and also to my Artnotes. These are monthly-ish inbox missives full of art and inspiration, and if you find they are not for you, it’s very easy to change your mind, and no hard feelings. :)

Love the art you create and love to read your newsletter! I really feel that what you write comes straight from your heart into my inbox.  

Eos Koch,

If you’d prefer to poke around my website first, you are very welcome to visit!

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Thank you for stopping by; I look forward to meeting you!