“Where I create, there I am true.” Rainer Maria Rilke

Tara Leaver, artist

Hello, fellow artist!


I believe there is art inside you, the art that only you can make.


It might not feel true right now, but I absolutely promise you it’s in there – the original, authentic, exuberant art that is just yours. Not copied, not borrowed, not obviously influenced, but carrying your unique and distinctive expression.


And I can help you to uncover that and bring it out. 


Welcome to my paint spattered world! I’m Tara, I live by the sea, and I paint, write, teach, and do a lot of what I think of as creative encouraging. My approach is to create ‘sparks and springboards’; you won’t find five steps to a photorealistic portrait here, but you will find all sorts of practical tools and experiences to ignite your excitement and propel you into carving your own artist path.

“Tara is so passionate about what she does and so generous in sharing her process, you can’t help but catch her enthusiasm.  And she leads by example – constantly seeking to learn and to grow herself.  She has a wonderfully approachable manner and never sets herself on a pedestal.  And she’s a total cheerleader, super encouraging … always happy to give help and advice.” Helen Agarwal

Dixon Hill

A bit of back story


For me the most valuable thing in life is freedom, however that might look for each of us. Freedom to be exactly as we are, and to express what’s True for each of us. Because when we’re free on the inside, we’re happier, more fulfilled, and we have more to offer the world. I know this because of how long I spent trapped inside my own stories and beliefs, and how different my experience of living is now.

I suffered from mostly undiagnosed clinical depression for almost twenty years. Sometimes I was pretty high functioning, sometimes I was bed bound and it was all I could do to open my eyes and breathe. I lost my art for a very long time, partly because survival mode was often taking up all available space, and partly because depression at its most ferocious just doesn’t allow it. Creativity is the antithesis of depression, and it can contribute to healing, if you let it.

I don’t experience depression any more, and art played a huge part in the long journey out of it. Other things helped too {becoming a Reiki master, learning Tai Chi, finding a healer/mentor, intensive inner work, starting a new life by the sea, and making some significant lifestyle changes}, but the art has been with me since I was old enough to hold a pencil, even if I couldn’t always access it.

Maybe you’ve never been depressed. But I’m guessing you’ve been through, or are going through, something. And if you’re here reading this, and hear the whispers from your art asking you to reinstate it in your life in a way that truly expresses you, I’m here to help you listen and take action.

Action is where change happens, and for some of us art is the doorway, the path and the destination.


Your art is waiting. :)

How can I help you?

A quick look at what I offer

This site focuses on two things – the art I make, and the art you make!


The art I make is available for sale in the shop, and if you’re keen to get on with making your own art, there’s the blog and a
growing array of ecourses, each designed to address a specific aspect of the artist experience.



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“It’s great fun to learn about how another artist is navigating her world. I like all the art tips too. You seem to simply want to help and nurture and empathize and share your experience. It’s a breath of fresh air." —Ellen Stoune

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