Practical Intuition: Make Your Own Oracle Cards

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Oracle cards.

If you’re anything like me you feel drawn to them. Perhaps you own a few decks, and pull them out from time to time. But perhaps you also find yourself a bit bewildered when it comes to reading and understanding the messages they reveal.

My experience of oracle cards has been like that. A push pull between finding them fascinating and beautiful {especially with more and more decks coming out all the time}, and feeling a disconnect when I tried to read them.

I’d find myself second guessing my thoughts and ideas, wondering if it was intuition or if I was just making things up, and then I’d resort to the accompanying guidebook and find beautiful descriptions that didn’t match my initial thoughts, nor reveal anything I felt I could really use. I’d see others using them in ways that didn’t align with my level of woo. I didn’t really want to make altars or create rituals; I just wanted something simple and direct, with a dash of my own kind of mysticism.

It was all rather disappointing.

Then one day it suddenly occurred to me that to find the connection I was looking for, I could just make my own cards.

So I did. And they turned out to be more beautiful and meaningful, and the whole process far richer, than I’d imagined.


Intuition card
“This course is a fantastic resource for creating a personal deck of oracle cards. Taught in perfectly-sized lessons, Tara walks the student through the entire process…from exploring themes to gathering supplies (with included resources), through the physical process of making and sealing the cards to discussions on intuition and creative play.  The accompanying videos provide insight into the creative process of making the cards and are a wonderful compliment to the thoroughly written content; the coursework invites the student to jump in with enthusiasm and without overwhelm.  In short, Tara’s guidance is practical and inspirational and one almost feels (as nearly as possible) like Tara is sitting at the table with us, crafting her cards and cheering us in the creation of ours.”
Michelle GD

Three oracle cards

My energy is infused into every element of every card, so that simply holding them makes me feel connected and happy.

I’d like to share with you what I learned so you can make your own. So that you have a unique-to-you way to reliably access your intuition.

Practical Intuition is an in depth two week course which breaks down everything you’ll need to know to make your own oracle cards, simply and clearly.

We’ll look thoroughly at everything from understanding intuition and how we each experience it, to themes and word choices, from choosing your materials to design and finishing touches. There will be plenty of examples and alternative ideas for you to play with, and no particular skills required. 🙂


“I don’t know what I’d been expecting but I know this beautiful ecourse surprised me and exceeded those expectations. It was down-to-earth and attainable, achievable stuff. Lots of permission to do our own thing and follow our intuition, and so much support and so many resources along the way. I ADORED the videos that complemented each email too. Thank you so much Tara for your generosity and the time and care you clearly put into creating this content for us. I appreciate it – and you – so much!”

 This course is for you if:

  • You would love to have a completely unique and personal deck of your own oracle cards

  • You are looking for a reliable way to access and understand your intuition

  • You love to make things

  • Your level of woo doesn’t necessarily feel aligned with the incense and crystals style that oracle cards often come with. {Nothing against that, it’s just not for everyone.}

  • You like to look under the surface of things to the depths beneath


Practical Intuition - create your own oracle cards
“Practical Intuition was just the spark I needed to begin my own oracle deck – a longtime creative intention of mine, which is now manifesting! I am grateful for the gentle and inspiring way Tara holds space for the creative process to unfold.”
Jen Berlingo

LPCC, ATR; Transpersonal art psychotherapist

Course Format

Lessons are a combination of written text, audio, video, links and ideas, and downloadable pdfs.

Lesson Schedule

Timing is a suggestion – take it at your own pace!



Gathering supplies

Choosing a theme

Choosing your words and images

Design ideas

Making your cards



Intuition – a user’s guide

Examples and inspiration

Finishing touches

Using the cards

Resources and further exploration

By the end of the course you will be well on your way to

a stronger connection to yourself, greater confidence in your intuition,

and a beautiful one-of-a-kind deck of oracle cards.

“Thank you Tara for such a lovely and fun oracle card course. You are a gifted teacher, leading us all (from beginner level to experienced) with such supportive encouragement. Throughout this class, I loved that you continued to assure us to listen to our own intuition. The videos you created are fantastic, I am quite new to many of the techniques and I had so much fun following along with you. I loved this course. Highly recommended! Thank you!”
Robin Hallett



This course is available for you to do any time and at your own pace.



Questions and Answers


How much does the course cost? 

The course is valued at £49/approx. $63 USD.

Convert it to your currency here.

However, now that it’s available inside the Happy Artist Studio, you can access it and a host of other courses for just £49 per month, or £539 per year. {The annual option comes with one free month included.} 

When does it start?

The course is available {along with many others!} as soon as you join the Happy Artist Studio, so you can start any time and take it at your own pace.

I’ve never made anything like this and don’t know if I’m very artistic. Can I still do this?

Absolutely! There will be heaps of ideas and suggestions for ways to approach your cards, examples to be inspired by, and support and encouragement as you find your own way. I would also encourage you to take this as an opportunity to trust that you do know what feels good and right to you, even if you feel uncertain about your connection with your intuition or what you’re capable of creatively. The course will create a container in which you can try things out and feel your way forward, which is exactly what I did with my cards. Your feeling sense will be your greatest ally here. 🙂

Will I need a lot of materials?

You likely have most of what you’ll need already, and it will depend on what you want to use to make your cards. There is a list of suggested materials, and we will dig into materials in depth during the course. I found that because it’s such an intuitive process, my choices shifted as I began to create them, so bear that in mind. No need for excessive planning. 🙂 As long as you have some basics – scissors, glue, images {photos/magazines}, card, you’re good to go.

Will a kit be available to purchase with supplies I need to make the cards?

Because this course and process is all about intuitive process, there’s no specific kit. Beyond the basics of glue, scissors, card and images/words, the most effective, ‘you-infused’ cards will come from your choices about the design and embellishments you want. There’s no need to splash out extra necessarily; you’ll likely have a lot if not all of what you need already {especially if you already have some collage/art/craft supplies}.


How much time will I need for the course?

That depends. If you want to whip up your cards over the suggested two weeks you’ll need to set aside time to gather the materials and create your cards; hard to specify but perhaps an average of half an hour a day, depending on how detailed your designs are. The nature of the process can mean that you need a little longer than the live part of the course for it all to come together. My own deck has evolved quite slowly and that has allowed me to really connect with every card so that each one feels deeply meaningful, as well as to provide a ‘quick fix’ of creativity by making one or two here and there when life requires most of my attention elsewhere. Kind of like a slow cooker meal instead of a microwave one. 🙂 It’s up to you how much time and energy you want to give the process. 

I encourage you to approach it at your own pace and not add pressure for yourself with thoughts of ‘keeping up/getting behind’. 

Got another question? Great! Hit me up here. 

“I really loved the idea of creating my own, personalized, oracle deck. I’ve been playing with oracle & tarot cards for over two decades now, but it never once occurred to me that I could create my own deck. When I finally pushed through my own perfectionism I actually enjoyed myself & liked what I created!. The Idea Spark videos were fun and light-hearted, and super inspirational. Overall this class was just fun, creative, and has opened new doors for me. Thank you!”
Angel Sullivan

“I loved the feedback I received. I felt that I was important and valued. I also loved the ideas in the videos.  Tara shared wonderful ideas and was very supportive throughout the course.”

“A wonderful kickstart to a project that can run forever…or until I run out of washi tape!”

“Tara’s course was a wonderfully encouraging way for me to explore making my own oracle cards, something which I had been thinking about for years. The videos and emails were supportive.”


“I am in love with these cards more than I can articulate even. I just pull them out & look at them & hold them sometimes! I just make one as time permits & it calls to me. Dropped all the pressure-y stuff I had around it and now it’s just beautiful and easy & feels so good. SO grateful you put that course together. otherwise I really don’t think i’d have done such a thing on my own!”