Imagine if you knew exactly what you need to truly enjoy

making your art, and to make it more often. 

What could happen?


Perhaps you used to love drawing and painting a long time ago, but gave it up because of lost confidence, or life events that took precedence.

Or maybe you can’t remember ever having made art, and although it sounds kind of intriguing and fun, you’re pretty sure you’re no good at it and probably shouldn’t waste your time and money finding out.

Or perhaps you do make art sometimes, but it’s erratic and a bit all over the place and you don’t seem to be able to get any momentum going. So you kind of feel like you aren’t really an artist, but it nags at you because you know you love to draw and paint.

If the curiosity is there, why not have a go anyway, in a way that’s easy, fun and free,

and comes with built in support?


When you sign up for fortnightly Artnotes, you will automatically receive a short series of emails entitled ‘Making Art Your Way’. This is a mini ecourse designed to get you started with making art in a way that’s going to work for you, whatever that may look like. It’s low pressure, simple and comes with lots of encouragement!

The emails will arrive in your inbox every couple of days, and will introduce the following topics, along with extra tips and resources. The idea is to lay some groundwork from which you can then move forward with greater confidence, and have more fun doing it!

  • Start Simple {with free drawing video}

  • Creative Blocks and Powerful Antidotes

  • Gathering your Supplies

  • Finding Inspiration

  • Your Creative Space

  • Getting to Know your Creative Process

There are no obligations or ties, and you can unsubscribe any time. My aim is simply to show you that making art can be fun and easy, and that blocks, while part of the creative process, not only needn’t stop you altogether, but can be tools for growing as an artist.

“I really only wanted to satisfy my curiosity when I took advantage of your offer to take this mini-course. The second lesson just exploded in my head, paragraph after paragraph. I am excited and have been moving in baby steps and these are really getting me somewhere. I never anticipated anything like this.”

What Artnotes will bring to your life:


  • exclusive access to Making Art Your Way
  • peeks behind the scenes of my work and life, including stories and details I don’t share anywhere else
  • first dibs on offers and events such as my annual Secret Sale {a pay what you like sale of original art every May}
  • links to the latest blog posts {handy if you don’t follow via RSS}
  • special offers just for subscribers
  • any free gifts or downloads I create are automatically yours
  • an invitation to join my private Facebook group for all subscribers and course alumni

“Love the art you create and love to read your newsletter!

I really feel that what you write comes straight from your heart into my inbox.”

Eos Koch

If that sounds interesting to you, simply add your details below

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“Your encouragement has helped me hone in on the logistics. I'm far better a business woman and an artist because of your newsletter. Thank you for all you pour out to others. I find your work refreshing and fabulous. A lovely piece of the sea for me here in land locked Kansas." —Jillian Sandcastle

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