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I know that when you first discover a new site, especially if it’s been around a while, it can be confusing to know where to begin. Thus, a page of curated goodness to help you discover the kinds of things you will find here in a bite size kind of way.

A little bit about me

shells_white_squareIn a nutshell, I’m an artist, teacher, writer and all round creative encourager living on the south coast of England. I have an ongoing love affair with the sea {must be a Pisces thing}, and the general vibe around here is lots of art and creativity, with a huge side order of the beach, dusted over with plenty of warmth and encouragement. I started the #happyartistmovement because the world needs more of us to be answering the call to make our art, in whatever way that means for each of us.

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What happens here

My blog roughly falls into two main categories; practical, actionable, ‘how to’ style posts, and what I think of as my ‘creative encouragement’ posts, because we all sometimes need that, myself included.

Here are some examples of each type:

Practical posts and ‘how to’s

13 ways to make a painting that works

How to paint an imaginary landscape

24 ways to loosen up your art

How to make a painting you love without knowing all the technical bits

Lots more of this type of post in the Tools and Techniques section of the library.


Thought provoking and creative encouragement

Your art is important in the world

5 myths that stop us from making art

Why it’s good to make ‘bad’ art

Creative confidence and how to find yours

Lots more of this type of post in the Creative Encouragement Touchstones section of the library.


Art Courses

If you’re looking to learn, I offer three signature art and creative courses covering different aspects of the artist experience, with a focus on discovering and developing your natural and unique artistic style, and being the artist you want to be, whatever that means for you.

My philosophy is that you become more yourself by expressing yourself through art,

so everything I do here is about supporting that.



Or you might like to sign up for fortnightly-ish Artnotes and receive a free six part mini course, Making Art Your Way, as a way to start to get to know me while getting started laying the foundations for your own unique way of being creative. You can do that by clicking HERE.

That’s probably plenty to be getting on with. You can find more in the tabs at the top or by using the search box in the blog sidebar.

Got questions?

Visit the contact page, where you will find answers to the questions people most frequently ask me, and if your question isn’t answered feel free to use the form on that page to contact me.




I look forward to meeting your beautiful creative self! :)




“I am so glad to have found your site.  My daughter’s new interest in crafting and talking to me about watercolour has rekindled my love for this medium and led me to you! So now I have set myself ‘play times’;  I have set up a small place where I can leave out my paints and tools, using some old but pretty glass jugs for water and paintbrush pots.  Then a lovely tray holds my paints and paper.  I always used to clear away after every session, now I can go straight to my dining table and just set up a couple of washes each morning!  Thank you so much…. See you on the next course!”
“I’ve just scrolled through the amazing art that we made – hundreds of unique pieces of all kinds, inspiring, creative, work from the heart and soul, some tentative, some powerful, it’s amazing stuff when you look through it like that.  And none of it from grand masters.  All from artists, who never before had such an encouraging place to show their trials and successes like this.
You know all this, and you’ve lived through this, and you chose a very unique and truthful approach.  You spoke to the Artist, and said, come out into the light.  And we did. You heal wounds in people, and you show them how to shine, just by acknowledging that yes, they are artists.  And you do it with love.”
Elizabeth Winters